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Are YOU a Wing Master?

Five-Star Wing Master?

We thought we’d throw out some interesting food for thought on this Sunday morning. Some of our amazing Wingaddicts’ recent posts have inspired us to consider a fun little game we’ll call “Five-Star Wing Master.”

Obviously we’ve been to over a hundred restaurants over the past fifteen months which gives us a pretty good foundation with which to judge wings (remember, we don’t “rate” them). Our experience has taught us plenty about this delectable appetizer. First, no two places are really alike. You’d be surprised how different wing places can be. Yes, many use Frank’s Red Hot and butter to make their wings, and many use Sweet Baby Ray’s for a variety of their flavors (and it’s funny how Wingchef Ryan always knows!) But the ones who really care (and again, we know) are the architects of their own sauces and their own bleu cheese.

Why don’t all the restaurants take the time to go the extra mile? Because wings are NOT a high profit item. Now, more than ever, wing prices (for the restaurants) have risen to ridiculous levels. When you consider the cost of the wings, the oil, the labor, the sauces, and the bleu cheese any idiot would understand that 100% of restaurants lose money when they offer you 50-cent wings. They’re hoping you’ll drink beer and order something else.

So back to our game.

How many of the places on our diagram have you eaten wings at? Let’s lay some ground rules. We originally were going to say “since 2020.” But that’s not fair. So let’s say, “over your entire lifetime.”

Also, we should clarify that making wings at home definitely counts but it’s hard to quantify how many times you’ve actually done that. So if you’ve made different flavors of wings at home, more than ten times, give yourself (10 points). If you’ve eaten wings at other places, not listed, then give yourself (1 point) for each one.

The wings on our diagram are all in Connecticut so we understand that its not really fair for out-of-state Wingaddicts, but we’re open to hearing your lists of places you’ve visited in your state (or country). One point apiece!

We also need to take into consideration that there may be Wingaddicts who eat wings three times a week but always eat at the same place! There's nothing wrong with a "go-to" wing joint. The heart knows what it wants! So if you've been to a single restaurant for wings more than 20 times, give yourself (10 points). 

Be honest! We’d love to know where you rate on our (just for fun) wing scale!! 

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